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SUBARU-ს შესახებ


Ever since the Subaru 360 was released in 1958, SUBARU has been consistently aiming to produce vehicles that offer high safety in all road conditions, excellent driving performance, and intelligent packaging. This concept is applied to each and every vehicle that SUBARU produces. SUBARU’s Symmetrical All Wheel Drive (AWD) was developed as an extension of this concept. And the power train has been designed to be perfectly symmetrical left and right with the compact, low center of gravity Horizontally-Opposed Engine (SUBARU BOXER) at its heart. SUBARU believes that these technologies enable owners to control their vehicles exactly as they intend to, and it is this level of ideal performance that SUBARU is striving for. And this is backed with reliable driving performance in any weather and road conditions. Driving safety is also fine-tuned to exceptional levels together with crash safety and prevention safety.

Subaru safety assessments around the world

Subaru’s collision safety tests clearly rank highly in assessments conducted throughout various countries around the world. Yet Subaru believes that even the best assessment results mean nothing on the road if users are not assured of a certain level of safety Rather than simply aiming for the highest figures in a simulated test environment, cars must be manufactured to provide the best collision safety performance in the event of an unforeseen accident under unexpected conditions. This is Subaru’s approach to ALL-AROUND SAFETY, and the numerous safety assessment awards received over the years are testament to Subaru’s safe driving record developed over decades